The Roman Catholic Reformation Organization

An open appeal to concerned Catholics & our friends


The Catholic Church is in a state of crisis never before seen in our lifetimes. Some believe that the condition and reputation of our beloved institution may be beyond repair or redemption.

Millions of good Catholics, both lay and clergy who continue to serve with excellence have been dishonored by the actions of a relatively few individuals in positions of power. No Catholic can be unaffected. 

I want to question why something wasn't done to correct these problems years ago. What were the Popes, Bishops, Cardinals and administrators doing and thinking when they knowingly and recklessly placed children in harms way?

Before I can legitimately question what others did or didn't do however, I first have to ask "What did I do and what could I have done? Sadly, the answer is that I did nothing while I could have done something. I should have done something. I believe that all Catholics bear some small share of the burden, blame and responsibility for what has become of our church.

I have long known that my church had serious structural problems that needed to be repaired. I knew that they could be repaired. I just never saw it as my place to try and change what was wrong with the Catholic Church. I believed that the church would improve gradually over time and that a slow pace was good for change. I was wrong. It is my place to try and change what is wrong with the Catholic Church. I believe that it's your place too. Slow, gradual change has now become unacceptable to most of us. I have decided to end my days as a passive bystander. Today I will stand up for my beliefs and act on my convictions. There are many Catholics who believe that a primary causal factor in the creation of an environment that invited the abuse of children was at least partly the natural result of the patriarchal nature of the church hierarchy.

In systems with matriarchal equality, children's rights become more prominent. At the very least, everyone will share the blame when evil infiltrates the church hierarchy. Today the direct primary blame falls upon many dozens of individuals, every one of which is male. Gentlemen, well meaning as the vast majority of you are, you have failed in your responsibilities and you have failed to such an extent that we have lost faith in your ability to lead us, considering the constraints of the current system in place at The Vatican.

Today I propose a radical reformation of the Roman Catholic Church. I have a vision of what the church should be and I have a plan to turn that vision into reality. My plan will only work if my vision is also your vision, if my plan is also your plan.

Rank and file Catholics in great numbers around the world are demanding meaningful reform. The Vatican is not likely to implement any of these reforms in the near term without more incentive than has been offered to date. I believe that multitudes of parishioners and other sympathizers around the world are capable of uniting to provide that incentive.

A new organization is being formed to confront certain issues of great concern to a large number of Catholics. The Roman Catholic Reformation Organization will focus their efforts on change in the following areas. Members believe that the Vatican should . . .

1. Allow priests to marry
2. Allow the ordination of women as priests

For those of us who believe that these steps, among others, are necessary… how then can we convince the Vatican to adopt our reform? Sadly, the most powerful earthly element within the church is of course, money. Money is the only true leverage that average Catholic parishioners can effectively combine to make themselves a force to be reckoned with in Rome.

With this in mind, we are in the process of accepting pledges to endow The Roman Catholic Reformation Fund (RCRF). The simple concept is this. Concerned Catholics and friends of Catholics around the world could contribute to the fund in whatever manner that their conscience dictates. Some will contribute their normal weekly donation to their home parish while making an additional donation to the fund. Others propose giving half their usual weekly donation to the church while giving the other fifty-percent to the RCRF. Some intend to divert into the fund all monies that normally would have gone to the church.

One can make the argument that this will temporarily hurt some people and programs that the church supports. That is both correct and unfortunate. But many people continue to be hurt by the current state of the church however, and few meaningful gains in life are ever achieved without some inevitable and painful sacrifice. The Vatican will always have the option of implementing the reforms, allowing them to take ownership of the fund and distribute the proceeds back to the parishes and programs that it supports. We believe that a healthier church will be the result of our combined efforts.

The fund will not be started until we reach five million dollars in pledges. Once set up, donated funds will be held in escrow with instructions for the trustees to distribute one half of the fund to the Vatican when and if any one of the  desired reforms have been implemented. One hundred percent of all donations to the RCRF will be held available to the Vatican if both reforms are implemented. Interest earned by the fund will be used to administer it and promote the cause.

We believe that eventually; and hopefully sooner rather than later, the fund will grow too big for the Vatican to ignore. We predict that the church hierarchy will become inspired by the fund to reflect and ultimately agree with the masses regarding the need for these reforms. A new awakening will mark the beginning of future glory for all that is Catholic. Our aim is to reform the Church into an entity that we can fully embrace.

On that day we will be victorious and all who contributed to the fund or believed in our cause will rejoice and know that they were collectively responsible for helping the Roman Catholic Church find its way in the third millennium.

If you are interested in supporting this effort or wish to pledge an ongoing or one-time donation, please send an email to Please state whether you wish to be listed as a supporter or if you want to remain anonymous.

NOTICE: We are not accepting ANY donations just yet - we are simply collecting pledges. Once we have enough pledges to justify forming a non-profit organization under the applicable  IRS and other statutes, only then will we contact our benfactors and begin to directly solicit funds.

May God bless you and yours.

Joshua Quincy - 5/21/2002        

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